01 Feb



Info overview: Location: Bosnia / Kameni Most FA​/Climber​: Peter Schwamberger Route​ Name​: Živjeli ​Grade: ​7c ​This images show Austrian climber Peter Schwamberger right before his FA of his newly established route „Živjeli“ (7c) at Kameni Most in Bosnia and Herzegovina during a full moon night session. The route was established on this impressive and so […]

20 Sep

The Hammock Caravan goes Bosnia


This year the annual hammock gathering moved along the road to the Tijesno Canyon in Bosnia and Herzegowina to the Drill and Chill Climbing and Highlining Festival. This year marks the fourth round of this unusual come together and the set up got even bigger. For this years project the chosen spot was an impressive 80 meter gap over the […]

20 Sep

Drill & Chill | Bosnia


The Drill & Chill Climbing and Highline Festival in Bosnia was established in 2015 by an international team of climbers to develop climbing in Bosnia. Image ©: Sebastian Wahlhuetter Photography | @Swahlhuetter | www.wahlhuetter.net