„actually winter !“

Late afternoon session with the Vienna Slackliners @ the outskirts of Vienna with a 150m longline setup. There is an additional rope taped to it – just in order to make it way much harder of course. Anyway not bad for mid of January. #actuallywinter

And there is some sag in this set up too. Just to give you some scale for dimensions.
–> The key is the right amount of tension in your set up. More tension, less slack – it’s as simple as that. If it makes it hard? Well, let’s say different. This is basically a thing of personal preferences but you can be sure that things are getting in a whole other direction if you have rigge your set up with a pre tension of 300 kg instead of 1.000 kg.
For such an extreme sag as in this image one requires the perfect spot (a kind of pit or hole) in order to not touch the ground in the middle section, and to not be to high in the beginning and end sections to prevent injuries in case of falling. As in this case the difference between the line and the ground level can be up to almost 10 meters in the middle part.

Grube-Slackline-Wahlhuetter (1 von 1)Grube-Slackline-Wahlhuetter (2 von 1)-2Image ©: Sebastian Wahlhuetter Photography | @Swahlhuetter www.wahlhuetter.net