Info overview:
Location: Bosnia / Kameni Most
FA​/Climber​: Peter Schwamberger
Route​ Name​: Živjeli
​Grade: ​7c

​This images show Austrian climber Peter Schwamberger right before his FA of his newly established route „Živjeli“ (7c) at Kameni Most in Bosnia and Herzegovina during a full moon night session. The route was established on this impressive and so far unclimbed stone arch during the Drill and Chill climbing festival in September 2016. This annual gathering aims to promote and develop climbing in the country. Rock Climbing has a long tradition in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) but as a result of the precarious conditions caused by the Yugoslavian wars, it came to a pause and started again slowly over the last decade.“

Image ©: Sebastian Wahlhuetter Photography | @Swahlhuetter |