Interesting ‚buildering‘ project from Jef Verstraeten in Vienna from a couple of days ago. After finishing the action we found our selves surrounded by a horde of police men and women rushing to the scenery in 5 cars. Some loyal fellow had called them for whatsoever reason. After a short explanation of this as a photographic project and since we were leaving the scenery anyway they were quite sociable though.

Buildering or ‚urban climbing‘ is in fact a total gray area. It is not exactly clear how to deal with it and technically it is not forbidden to climb in an urban environment as long as there is not monument protection or private property involved. However, in normal cases it won’t take that long that some fellow citizen gives a call to the police to report some civil disobedience if you try to give the next pedestrian bridge a shot. On the other hand, in Vienna there are already a couple of tolerated spots were it is already a part of the business that you can find people climbing there: e. g. the famous Flexwand or the Handelskai. So think carefully if you want to deal with the consequences before you take any action.

Big thanks to Ticket to the Moon for the hammock supply and Project Episode for opening the spot.
Spot: Kaisermuehlen | Vienna | Austria