Scenic highline at the ‚Traunstein‘ in Upper Austria. The highline is 80 meters in distance and is enthroned above lake Traunsee with an epic view over the lake and mountain range. The project was run by the Vienna Slackliners and friends.

Featured athletes (top to bottom): Sarah Haras, Igor Scotland, Thomas Spöttl, Peter Auer

wahlhuetter-traunstein-9479 wahlhuetter-traunstein-9476 wahlhuetter-traunstein-9439 wahlhuetter-traunstein-9426 wahlhuetter-traunstein-9394 wahlhuetter-traunstein-9388 wahlhuetter-traunstein-9319 wahlhuetter-traunstein-9312 wahlhuetter-traunstein-9344 wahlhuetter-traunstein-9294 wahlhuetter-traunstein-9196 wahlhuetter-traunstein-9242 wahlhuetter-traunstein-9252Image ©: Sebastian Wahlhuetter Photography | @Swahlhuetter |